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Cal Poly Proposal Routing Deadlines


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In order to assure proper campus review and processing of proposal documents, and to provide appropriate support to researchers who plan ahead, please note the following deadlines:

REVISED: July 1, 2020

1. Five (5) working days required for proposal routing

Routing documents must be received by the Grants Development Office (GDO) at least five (5) working days prior to the proposal submission deadline or the expected submission date, if there is no published deadline.  This includes proposals for which Cal Poly is a sub-awardee or otherwise involved (i.e., a collaborator committing funds or other resources).

The routing documents that must be provided to GDO by the 5-day deadline include the following: 

  • A summary, abstract, the specific aims, or other document summarizing the Cal Poly project and objectives;
  • Final budget information that will be used to populate the detailed budget and matching form (if cost sharing is included), as well as other requested budget support documentation, but a budget justification is not required unless it will be submitted to the sponsor;
  • Information on the use of Cal Poly facilities - a Facilities Use statement or other similar sponsor-required document can be used; and
  • Information on any other campus commitments that may not have been fully described in the summary, budget, or facilities information, including but not limited to
    • Power or security requirements (i.e., for equipment, controlled work, or hazardous substances)
    • Continuing positions that require new institutional funding
    • New curricular programs
    • New construction or substantial renovation
    • Space that has not yet been assigned for the proposed use

PLEASE NOTE: the electronic versions of all final proposal documents must also be provided to the GDO analyst at least one business day in advance of deadline or expected submission date.  This allows time for proper file merging and conformance with sponsor format and transmission directives.

This routing timeline assumes that the Principle Investigator and/or proposal writing team will have been working with the appropriate GDO Grants Analyst well in advance of the internal routing deadline to ensure that the relevant documents are ready for campus review no later than five days prior to the deadline.  The Grants Analyst will provide assistance in preparing a compliant budget and appropriate budget justification (if required), as well as review your routing documents to ensure that they are ready for campus approval. 

At the award stage, support documentation for subawardees, third-party commitments, and any new or unanticipated campus commitments must be provided to GDO.  Prior to award acceptance, all research compliance issues must be resolved.

Research-related contracts that support GDO-processed proposals (e.g. non-disclosure agreements, material transfer agreements, data sharing contracts, research collaboration, sponsored project agreements, etc.) must be submitted to for review at least ten (10) working days prior to the desired date of Cal Poly comments on the contract.  This assumes that the project has already received campus approval by completing the process described above, if funding is involved.  Contracts for sponsored projects that have not yet been routed for campus approval require at least ten working days in addition to the time needed to complete the campus approval process. Any necessary revisions requested by Cal Poly (following contract review) may take the other party additional time to consider.  Please be sure to allow time for this review and negotiation.

3. Exceptions

Unusual circumstances beyond the control of the principal investigator/researcher may allow for limited and rare exceptions to these internal deadlines.  However, exceptions are not intended to allow for proposal development or preparation activities to be initiated past the timelines above.  Exceptions assume circumstances beyond the control of the principal investigator/researcher and that the principal investigator/researcher has been working with our office well in advance of the timelines above in order to address the unusual circumstances.


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